Transform Your Workplace Culture

Company Culture is an innovative board game designed to inspire, engage, and unite your team like never before. 

Say goodbye to mundane meetings and disengaged employees, and hello to a vibrant, collaborative environment where creativity flourishes and bonds strengthen. 

Company Culture Board Game

Ideal for entire workforces, groups, teams, and departments.

Health Care | Construction | Real Estate | Accounting | Fitness | Hospitality | you name it… the Company Culture Game® is customizable!

What company culture can do for your team.

Foster communication within your team


Foster communication, teamwork, and empathy among colleagues.

Create a good company culture


Create a culture that attracts top talent, fuels innovation, and drives results.

Transform Your Team


Transform your company’s culture into a powerhouse of collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie.

That’s how you slay the villain of stagnation and create a Built to Thrive® culture!

What Teams Are Saying About the Company Culture Board Game

We have worldwide reach. We’ve had people across multiple time zones learning and connecting together!

Celebrate Each Other’s Strengths

Immerse your team in a thrilling journey where strategy, communication, and teamwork reign supreme. Our game is meticulously crafted to spark meaningful interactions, cultivate problem-solving skills, and ignite innovative thinking among players of all levels.

How the Game Works

Company Culture is a game for team building, department meetings, and company events.

Experience this hands-on interactive workshop with the first-ever board game designed to illustrate what is and is not a great company culture.

It’s about what makes a great company culture and what helps your people thrive. This game will get everyone talking about ideas and creating positive programs that make your company a great place to work!

Company Culture Board Game
Team playing Company Culture

Benefits of the Company Culture Board Game

Stephanie Angelo Company Culture Board Game
Stephanie Angelo, AS, SPHR, SCP, CVP

Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset...

“Invest in your company’s most valuable asset – its people – and witness the transformative power of a united, motivated team. Elevate your workplace culture to new heights with our board game and unlock the potential within your organization today!”

– Stephanie Angelo, Company Culture Board Game Inventor

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Enjoy the interactive, discussion-rich fun that will have your organization creating actions that will spark your morale and bring all levels of the company together.

Why does it take so long to get my games?

You’re right.  4-6 weeks can seem like a long time when you’re used to instant gratification. 

Or, in this case, instant gamification!

Your game is made when you place your order – and there may be others in the que.  Our manufacturing company uses the highest quality materials and production techniques to ensure you have a product in excellent condition that will last for years. 

If we kept inventory on-site games may sit in storage where they could be damaged. We would need to ship to our location and then ship again to yours.   Shipping costs would be passed on to you, not once, but twice. You wouldn’t want that.  Please be patient, your games are on the way!

These games can be used many times – for many occasions.  They are worth the wait!

In the meantime, after you place your order, take advantage of a one-time free 30 minute convo with
Inventor, Stephanie Angelo, by clicking here.   Have your game order number ready.   Talk to you soon!

Looking for more support?

Work with a Licensed Facilitator

Expert facilitation from the Game Inventor or Licensed Trainers

Our carefully selected, licensed, and trained workshop facilitators guarantee a tailored experience that maximizes participant engagement and learning outcomes. Our licensed facilitators have worked closely with the game inventor and their expertise fosters a dynamic learning environment, ensuring your team gains actionable skills and insights to drive tangible results. You get the absolute most out of your Company Culture game and workshop experience.

Meet the Facilitators

Stephanie Angelo, Company Culture Board Game inventor

Stephanie Angelo, Company Culture Board Game Inventor


Stephanie is the architect behind Built to Thrive® organizations, where she champions slaying the villain of culture stagnation. As the mastermind behind the renowned board game, Company Culture – A Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction®, Stephanie integrates this powerhouse tool exclusively into her company culture workshops, delivering transformative experiences both in-person and virtually.

Through her unparalleled expertise in training, speaking, and consulting, she empowers clients to cultivate robust cultures, crafting tailored, in-house programs that elevate employee performance, slash turnover rates, and foster unwavering organizational engagement.

Stephanie’s illustrious client roster includes industry giants such as L’Oreal Cosmetics, Intel, Scottsdale Healthcare, Doubletree Hotels, and CopperPoint Mutual. Her impactful presence extends globally, having captivated countless conferences and associations across varied sectors in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
Stephanie is a U.S. and E. U dual citizen.

Danette M. Shaifer

Danette M. Shaifer, Licensed Facilitator


Danette is an award-winning learning strategist, coach, and speaker recognized for her outstanding achievements and 20+ years of expertise. As the Founder of Florishion Consulting and Coaching, LLC®, her mission is to empower talent and fuel growth. She excels in fostering cross-departmental relationships, demolishing silos, and delivering data-driven solutions that significantly enhanced the bottom line of mid-size to global organizations. Danette incorporates “Company Culture – A Game of Workplace Traction Not Transaction ®,” into her repertoire of services and is excited to help your company flourish!

Haydee Antezana

Haydee Antezana, Licensed Facilitator


Born in a third-world country and having lived across four continents, Haydee learned the skill of ReNewal to navigate and flourish amid life’s disruptions from a young age. Rising to become the youngest director at L’Oréal, her journey embodies courage and triumph over adversity. Haydee’s expertise lies in assisting organizations to create and renew their vision, mission, and values, initiating pivotal culture shift journeys. Her 25 years of expertise has impacted global organizations across all industries. Haydee’s high-energy, cutting-edge content, high level of customization, and practical solutions will captivate your audience! Her book “Packaged For Success” soared to international Amazon bestseller status in eleven categories, and as a Certified Speaking Professional (a designation held by only 12% of global professional speakers)—alongside her role as one of just 150 worldwide ReInvention Practitioners, brings massive value-add to your event experience. For a girl from Bolivia who once aspired to speak English; her achievements are a testament to the endless possibilities of renewal and the universal power of dreaming without boundaries.

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